Better World plasics bv

Your partner in secondary raw materials

Are the leading companies showing a new form of leadership in which they make the necessary changes to boost society ? Successful entrepreneurs in the new economy are creative, think in alternative concepts, circular concepts that will start from the raw material. The question is: How can we transform our old thinking and become part of this successful sustainable leaders?

Better World Plastics gives advice and helps companies and institutions to organize sustainable initiatives. Through the use of secondary raw materials extra value can be added to a product, a distinctive character, and also be encouraged to increase competitiveness. Creativity, knowledge and realism forms the basis for devising and implementing sustainable ideas. In this process many questions will arise and this is where Better World Plastics can show its added value.

Questions such as;

  • Why do you want to migrate to secondary raw materials?
  • What are the consequences for our production process?
  • Does this actually have a positive effect on our market?
  • Can we in this way apart from our competitors?
  • How do we communicate this sustainable initiative to our customers? etc. etc.

One thing is for sure in the future, the “green producer” will be rewarded and the polluter pays.

Are you ready for the next step? Think about the sustainability of your organization and the opportunities that could emerge from this? We are happy to assist you.