To reduce CO2 emissions and engage in active climate protection to save natural resources through recycling are the top priorities of BWP’s strategy.
The effects of these developments are also a chance for us to advance in areas such as waste prevention, recycling technology, markets for secondary raw materials and new models of producer and consumer responsibility.
BWP is an important link between waste suppliers, recyclers, manufacturers and end users in the plastics industry.

BWP is convinced that by continuing advanced technological developments secondary raw material can be caught in closed circuit manufacturing. (Modern Life-cycle management)

The whole value chain becomes more sustainable both economically as well as environmentally. The reduction of greenhouse gases (CO2) and a reasonable usage of raw materials based on a modern life cycle management, efficient technologies and sustainable consumption will play a crucial role in future.

BWP feels it her moral obligation to future generations to leave a quality living environment behind.
We believe that the use of secondary raw materials for producing quality products suggests that plastic waste should be seen as an important raw material source where new opportunities emerge. We believe that a healthy environment has a positive effect on the quality of life for all people.